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EV Shopper Insights

Angus MacBride specialises in customer feedback, providing OEMs and retailers with independent and actionable insights on EV shopper and buyer experiences.

The changing needs of shoppers, be it among PHEV or BEV buyers, requires constant monitoring. Insights are needed to direct and inform online and in-store messaging that meets the specific needs of key customer segments.

Angus MacBride provides OEMs, individual brands and dealer groups with research solutions to provide detailed insights and guidance on what needs to be prioritised in order to increase conversions.

Trusted by automotive clients across key markets in Canada, Europe, India, the UK and US, Angus MacBride understands how to interpret customer feedback into actionable insights.


Popular solutions include:    

Post-EV Test Drive Surveys

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  • Measure present test drive experience, identify performance strengths and pain-points.

  • Benchmark performance.


  • Post test drive ratings, purchase likelihood, rejection reasons, models considered, buyer segmentation, powertrain choice, demographics and comments.


  • Online survey.

Virtual EV Focus Groups


  • Understand recent test drive experiences, preferences and requirements.

  • Identify improvement areas and pain-points.

  • Test new concepts and approaches.



  • Discussion designed around online and in-store experiences, consideration and rejector reasons,best practices and ideas / acceptance of new approaches.



  • Virtual online group discussions.

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EV Shopper Diary 

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  • Track the shopping experience among EV shoppers from online consideration to post-test drive feedback.

  • Identify improvement areas and pain-points.



  • Record and measure via mobile app the online and test drive experience, covering key tasks including ratings, videos and detailed commentaries.



  • Mobile app diary.

We cover all key global automotive markets either directly by the team in the UK or via expert automotive partners in their respective regional hubs. 

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