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Angus MacBride

Research Consultancy

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What We Do

New Mobility and Customer Experience

Angus MacBride is an international research consultancy specialising in new mobility. We conduct product, retail and digital studies across key vehicle markets in Asia, Europe and North America. Helping companies deliver excellent customer experiences.

Our focus, in a transforming sector, is to enable established and new organisations to align their product and services to best meet the changing needs of consumers, regulators, and policymakers. 

We pride ourselves on providing independent insights.

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Our Task

Angus MacBride provides clients with both strategic and tactical advice through the following activities:

  • Benchmarking competitors

  • Understanding how best to increase new energy vehicle (NEV) adoption rates

  • Aiding clients to design, develop and launch customer-centric solutions

  • Embedding the customer voice into all parts of a business

  • Identifying best-in-class  onboarding, financing, charging, and serving options for NEVs

  • Fueling market entry strategies with actionable insights

  • Monitoring performance and growth

  • Running workshops, advising teams, and driving real change

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How We Research

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Our research is bespoke and tailored to meet each individual clients' requirements. Delivering robust and actionable insights, matching budget and timeline expectations. The team at Angus MacBride understands how to partner with clients to deliver the best insights.

Typical methodologies we cover include:

  • Quantitative:

    • Ad-hoc, CEM/CX tracking, segmentation, pricing and brand research

  • Qualitative:

    • In-depths, SMEs and focus groups

  • Desk:

    • BI, market-entry, sizing, and forecasting

  • UX/ADAS: 

    • Customer led design, including acceptability and usability testing

  • Digital Intelligence / Social Search: 

    • Social discourse, behaviour, search

  • Research Communities:

    • Design, selection and management

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Sector Expertise

  • E-Bikes

  • eScooters

  • 2-wheelers / 3-wheelers

  • Passenger vehicles

  • Bus / LCV / MCV / HCVs

  • Agricultural machinery

  • Construction equipment

  • Charging networks

  • Shared services

  • Suppliers

  • Retail / Distribution

  • Finance & Insurance (F&I)

Angus MacBride provides insights for new mobility providers across various sectors:

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International Coverage

& Partners



EU27 and Non-EU



China, India, Japan and Southeast Asia

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North America

Canada and USA


GCC and Sub-Saharan Africa

Middle East and Africa

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Get In Touch

Angus MacBride Research Consultancy Ltd.

Dundee, United Kingdom

M: +44 (0) 7858 333381

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